PTTC offers Halal Seminars, Exhibits for Free

Halal, which means lawful or permitted in Arabic, is often associated with the Food & Beverage sector and exclusivity with Muslim market. However, for Halal ecosystem to efficiently function, great consideration to other sectors and non-Muslim’s engagement with the industry must be taken as well.

PH HALAL ECOSYSTEM: Clinching the Momentum thru Capacity Building supports the development of Halal’s various sectors, particularly Food, Lifestyle, and Services by offering FREE training programs on the following:

Halal Certification Requirements

Perfect for Food and Lifestyle producers, acquiring Halal Certification allows businesses to market and sell their Halal products, especially to Islamic countries.

With Halal Certification representing the interface between standards set, their application, and becoming a symbol of guarantee between producers and consumers, participants will learn about the process, advantage, and market opportunities of obtaining Halal Certification.

Halal Tourism

Halal Tourism is considered as one of the fastest-growing tourism sectors. In 2016 alone, global Halal Tourism is accounted for $169 billion and is expected to reach $283 billion in 2022.

With the Philippines’ unique culture and heritage, this seminar offers great opportunity to introduce the complete range of Halal food & hospitality services for Islamic travelers in the country.

Islamic Banking & Finance

While some principles are accepted in traditional banking, some of these are prohibited in Islamic banking.

What banking activities are considered Haram or forbidden? How can financing activities comply with Sharia or Islamic Law? Apart from having the answer to these questions, participants will also learn the importance of Halal compliant business employing the Islamic Finance in their processes.

Islamic Fashion

Islamic Fashion grows along with the religion and is also becoming a global trend. Participants will have an increased awareness and better choices on Halal Fashion goods.

Business Opportunities in Halal

Seeing the potential of Halal industry in the Philippines, more and more businesses are starting to develop their market access to the industry.

By introducing Halal-related industries, participants will learn how to become a key player in building sustainable competitive advantage and increasing economic growth in the country.

This 1-day free seminar is set to happen on November 27, 2019 from 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM at the Philippine Trade Training Center. As slots are very limited, interested participants are urged to reserve their slots at

Exhibits of Halal – Certified Food Products and Establishments, Islamic Fashion featuring Bangon Marawi, and Philippine Accreditation Bureau will also be showcased on November 27 – 29.