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January 29, 2020

End Date:

January 31, 2020



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Awareness on current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)

Type of Course Module

basic Course Module

Course Description

Adopt good manufacturing practices (GMP) and avoid rejects or complaints from your internal and external customers. In this three-day seminar, participants will acquire knowledge and understanding on the international requirements for current good manufacturing practices, learn the proper methods of handling of food products to prevent and control contamination and be oriented on the different standards and guidelines as prerequisite to the implementation of internationally acknowledged food safety management systems.


• To create awareness among participants on the importance of GMP in a food plant/ establishment;

• To provide participants with the knowledge on the methods of adopting GMP in a food plant/establishment;

• To enable participants to understand international requirements of GMP in the handling, storage, processing and transportation of food;

• To establish GMP policies for implementation in the manufacturing system.

Course Outline

  • COURSE CONTENT:• Introduction to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP)• GMP Organization• Premises: Design and Sanitary Construction of Buildings• Equipment: Design, Cleaning & Maintenance• Sanitation & Hygiene: Personnel Hygiene• Hygiene & Sanitation: Sanitary Facilities, Maintenance and Sanitation• Pest Management• Production and Process Controls• Quality Control, Documentation, Quality Audits, Product Recall, Retention of Samples,Sub-Contracting Manufacture• Warehousing and Distribution• Product Information and Consumer Awareness• Introduction to GMP Policies DocumentationMETHODOLOGY:• Lecture-discussions, exercises, workshopTARGET PARTICIPANTS:• Owners/Managers/Supervisors and Staff of food processing companies and food service establishments, food stores and commissaries, food safety team members, food handlers and concerned personnel. Members of the Academe, Industry consultants, Government personnel


3 days

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Narcel Merano


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