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August 15, 2019

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August 16, 2019




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Effective Selling and Negotiation

Type of Course Module

intermediate Course Module

Course Description

Course Description:

Selling and negotiation are essential skills needed in enterprise management in people-to-people interaction and offering products and services of value to customers or clients. These are valuable skills set that sales people, marketers, managers and business owners should be able to exhibit in business transactions. This training program will allow participants to develop the skill of professional selling.

It discusses the nature of selling, how the buying process works, understanding the buyer, developing listening and questioning techniques, how to look at non-verbal cues from buyers, how to resolve concerns, and the technique of closing the sale to get a commitment to buy the product or service.

Negotiation is an integral part of the marketing and sales process where business presentations are made and concessions are brought into the meeting proper. This will enable participants to apply the principles and techniques in negotiation to ensure a win-win outcome for all parties in the negotiation table. This 2-day high-impact course will allow participants to be effective professional sellers and negotiators.

Course Outline

· An Overview of Selling and the Selling Process

· Understanding the Buyer – What is the Buying Process? How and Why do People Buy

· Different Communication Styles – Drivers, Expressives, Amiables and Analyticals

· Questioning Techniques – How to Ask Relevant, and Purposeful Questions

· The Art of Listening – How to Listen, Summarize and Paraphrase

· Non-Verbal Cues – How to Look at Buying Signals

· Communicating the Value Proposition – Value-based Selling Approach

· Resolving Concerns – How to Handle Questions, Objections, and Issues with Grace

· The Art of Closing the Sale – How to Earn Commitment and Get Sales Results

· The Nature of Negotiation – Why is it Important

· Planning for the Negotiation Session – Setting Negotiation Objectives

· Preparing for the Negotiation Meeting

· Making Win-Win Concessions – Understanding BATNA and ZOPA

· Role-Playing Sessions – Professional Selling and Negotiation Skills


Discussion, demonstration, video-showing per skill, and actual role-play exercises and scenarios and games.

Duration: 2 Days

Suggested Participants:

Sales Reps, Account Executives, Sales Supervisors and Managers, Marketing and Brand Officers, and Business Owners


2 days

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Bonn Jovi Estrella


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