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8:00AM - 5:00PM

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November 12, 2019

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November 12, 2019




Course Details

Course Name

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)

Type of Course Module

intermediate Course Module

Course Description

Applicable to many industries, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a simple proactive approach which can help reduce the number of product failures that customers experience. It identifies problems in a system, product, or manufacturing/assembly operation caused by either design or manufacturing/ assembly process deficiencies.

FMEA’s basic premise is that it is more cost effective to predict failures of product, process, and service than to ride out storms of customer complaints. If “I told you so” is the response of your engineers to field problems, then FMEA is for you.

FMEA is now widely used to evaluate and manage risk in both product and process design. Through the recognition and evaluation of potential areas of failure, an organization can identify preventive actions and therefore minimize the risk of system failure.

The workshop will cover the concepts of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) which is very useful in improving the Product and Process Design.


At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to:

  • Understand how Failure Mode and Effects Analysis can be used in improving existing products.
  • Help reduce failures when designing a product and/or a process
  • Identify areas for application of Design and Process FMEA

Course Outline

Overview of FMEA                                                                           

  • Background of Risk Analysis
  • Definition of Failure, Failure Mode, and Potential Effects
  • Levels of Causes of Failure
  • Exercise on Failure Identification

 Failure Mode and Effects Analysis                                                          

  • What is FMEA?
  • Types of FMEA
  • FMEA Team
  • Benefits of FMEA
  • Pitfalls of FMEA
  • Systematic Approach of FMEA
  • Elements of FMEA
  • FMEA Worksheet

Design FMEA

  • What is DFMEA?
  • Reliability Block Diagram
  • Terms in DFMEA
  • Workshop on DFMEA

Process Flow Diagram

  • What is PFMEA?
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Terms in PFMEA
  • Workshop on PFMEA


  • Discovery-lecture-application
  • Workshops-oral and written case analysis and experiential sharing


Product/Process Designers, Research and Development (R&D) Officers, Operations and Maintenance Personnel


1 day

Registration Fee


Contact Person

Elizabeth Salcedo


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