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Start Date:

April 30, 2019

End Date:

May 03, 2019




Course Details

Course Name

FOOD CONNECT v.2 on-site PTTC - Course 1: Application Requirements for FDA-LTO - Track 2: Documentation/Establishment of Quality/Safety Management System 1 : GMP and its Implementation Plan (SSOP)

Type of Course Module

Course Module

Course Description

This is the 2nd phase of  capability building and  step-by-step guidance in preparing the required documents in applying for an FDA-License to Operate (LTO). This focuses in the documentation of the GMP policies and its implementation plan according to the 10 Key Sanitation Areas. The course is designed to be interactive built on workshop and exercises. It will also cover one on one engagement/consultation on specific documentary requirements during the session.

Course Outline


At the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Establish Food Safety/GMP Policy according to the 11 General Guidelines of the Revised Guidelines on current Good Manufacturing Practices in Manufacturing, Packing, Repacking, or Holding Food ;
  • Establish documented SSOP Manual ;
  • Establish GMP implementation plan according to the 10 Key Sanitation Areas




Track 2 (3 Days)

2 Modules + Consultations & Mentoring


Seminar Title: Documentation/Establishment of Quality/Safety Management System 1 : GMP and its Implementation Plan (SSOP)

Training  Session Topics include:

1.      Write-shop and Establishment of cGMP Policy

2.     Documentation& Write-shop of Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP)

3.     One on One Consultations




Lecture-discussions, exercises, workshop



Micro Small Medium Enterprises – MSMEs



  • Participants should already be familiar with the Course 1-Track 1 Training modules


The following are the MSMEs eligible to attend:

  • MSMEs being assisted by the innovation centers of DOST’s FIC (food innovation center), universities and other hubs or those have done product research and development but with ready food processing facility; or
  • MSMEs with “NO LTO” but with existing food processing facility and committed to undergo trainings/mentoring to comply with the mandatory documentary regulatory requirements; or
  • MSMEs needing assistance to be compliant to export market mandatory certification requirements and to meet other requirements to finally realize export orders and sales (most especially for first time exporters); or
  • MSMEs “NOT READY” in terms of food processing facility but has business plan & lay-out of processing facilities may also attend and signify their interest and willingness to participate in all activities for them to be ready the following year;


3 days

Registration Fee


Contact Person

Anne Alcantara


Contact Number


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