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8:00AM - 5:00PM

Start Date:

November 28, 2019

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November 29, 2019




Course Details

Course Name

Halal Slaughtering

Type of Course Module

advanced Course Module

Course Description

Halal Slaughtering course is an advance and extension from Halal Requirement for Slaughterhouse Workshop that is designed to enhance understanding and knowledge, particularly for halal slaughtering industry.

This workshop provides participants with an in-depth review of halal standard as well as conformity towards the halal certification requirements and best practices for Slaughterhouse and eventually to equip knowledge in halal slaughtering for the slaughtermen.

Course Outline

General Halal Certification Requirement for Slaughterhouse

• General requirements

• Dedicated halal establishment

• Internal halal control system

• Permitted animals

• Halal slaughter

• Stunning

• Halal slaughtering procedures

• Determination of death

• Halal check

• Dressing operation

• Deboning and packaging

• Storage

• Transportation

• Halal Production Requirement for Meat and Poultry

• Halal Control Point for Slaughterhouse

• Requirement of a Valid Slaughterhouse



Discussion and demonstration.


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Roy Adriano/ Narcel Merano


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