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February 27, 2020

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February 28, 2020




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How to Effectively Participate in Trade Fairs

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How to Participate Effectively in Trade Fairs

I. Why Trade Fairs?

II. Types of Trade Fairs

III. What to Know Before Participating in an Event
a. Knowing your Company c. Determining your Market
b. Setting your Objective d. Place, Time and Event

IV. Preparing for Participation
a. Knowing what to expect and not to expect
i. Research on the Event
ii. Ask the Organizer
b. Preparing the Basics
i. Calling Cards
ii. Email
iii. Facebook
iv. Flyers/Catalogues
v. Website
vi. Logbooks
c. Knowing the budget (Costing)
d. Designing your own Booth (Booth System/Construct your own)
i. Knowing and understanding traffic Location
ii. Showcasing the Product
e. Getting Traffic

V. During Participation
a. Code of Conduct (How to be an Effective Stand Manager?)
b. Getting Traffic
i. Product Sampling    iii. Distributing Flyers/Catalogues
ii. Visual Media iv. Giveaways
c. Getting and giving the right information
i. Buyer Information ii. Buyer Needs
d. Negotiating with Buyers
e. Market Research

VI. Post Event
a. The follow-up

VII. Business Ethics


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Cev Cendaña


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