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February 19, 2020

End Date:

February 20, 2020




Course Details

Course Name

Logistics Management

Type of Course Module

Course Module

Course Description

The seminar covers the general principles of logistics and focuses on the benefits of logistics of the company’s operations thereby enabling the participants to implement improvement in logistics activities that may result in better customer service and generation of savings for the organization. Participants will be given practical case studies during the workshops to reinforce learnings.

Course Outline

  1. Evolution of Logistics
  • History of Logistics
  • Definition of Logistics
  • Fields within Logistics: Procurement Logistics, Production Logistics, Distribution Logistics & Disposal Logistics
  • Types of Logistics: Outbound Logistics, Third Party Logistics,  Fourth Party Logistics & Reverse  Logistics
  • Objectives of Logistics
  • Key Logistics Acitivities
  1. Role of Logistics in the Economy and the Organization
  • Effect of Logistics on GDP
  • Marketing and Logistics
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Company Profit
  • Production and Logistics
  1. Logistics Challenges
  • Inventory and Materials
  • Transport Strategy
  • Customer Service
  • Facility or Location
  1. Logistics Networks
  • Product Flow
  • Information Flow
  • Logistics Network Appraisal
  1. Logistics Strategy Formulation
  • Logistics Cycle and Framework
  • Strategy Drivers
  • Distributed Differentiation
  • Postponement Types and Characteristics
  1. Channel Strategy
  • Supply to Order and Supply to Stock
  1. Measuring Logistics Performance
  • Cash Flow
  • Savings/Profit Improvement
  • ROI
  • Service Key Performance Measures
  1. Transport Elements
  • Terminal Facilities
  • Vehicles and Prime Movers
  • Routes and Sectional Capacity
  • Transit Time
  • Weigh Bridge
  • Distribution Pattern
  • Product Nature


  • Lecture-discussion

Target Participants:

  • Logistics companies and exporters/importers
  • Manufacturers and retailers


2 Days

Registration Fee


Contact Person

Rolan Ynion


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