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The MSME industry is evolving in full throttle, and there is nothing to stop it from growing and thriving.

Either you swim with the tides, or you become obsolete. Continuously expanding your knowledge and getting acquainted with the current trends and practices are the only ways to go.

We are PTTC-GMEA.  

We equip you with knowledge through our relevant and responsive training programs. We cater to your need of having a holistic understanding of the entire MSME ecosystem. We arm you with the right tools to propel your business forward and upward.  

We want to be your top choice when it comes to training and development.

We are with you on your quest towards global entrepreneurial excellence, because excellence is the only way we do things. You deserve only the best to become highly competitive – both locally and globally. We are here to bring you to the world.

We believe that you are our country’s modern-day heroes. You accelerate the country’s growth — a true pillar of economic boom. You are the future. You are the economy.

With that belief comes our commitment to do more than just training. We always want to go the extra mile. We will be right beside you — from the birth of an idea until a concept comes to its full bloom. We want to equip you with up-to-date knowledge, so that your business reaches its potential.

We believe in your power and energy, and as we walk this path towards greatness, may we inspire others, young and old, to take part in nation-building through entrepreneurship.

We are your ally. 

We are your partner.