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Digital Fabrication (DigiFab) Workshops and Services offer aspiring and existing MSMEs, freelance individual designers, and service providers to MSMEs access to hands-on training on the appreciation of creative and functional designs, 3D printing, product prototyping, and packaging & label designs. The following machines are readily available at the PTTC DigiFab Training Facility to help you in realizing your business’ vision:

HP Latex 315 Print & Cut Machine

HP guarantees “Smart serviceability with game-changing innovation”. It can simultaneously print & cut your designs on paper, fabric, leatherette, and any rolled media (label stickers). Its printouts are also the gold standard — scratch-resistant, high quality, quick drying, eco-friendly, not to mention the error-free cuts.

Final Output/Prototype

Art & wall graphics, specialty graphics on appliances, decor applications, heat transfer graphics for clothes Designs stitched/glued on bags & shoe materials, packaging materials for snack food, indoor & outdoor signs.

Stratasys 3D F170 Printer for Precise Model Output 

Perfect for attaining research & business objectives, this 3D Printer’s output has the most intricate detail that it can give you a realistic product. It is beneficial for manufacturing, transportation, energy, and medical industry products to test ideas through precise modelling and gauge product performance.

Final Output/Prototype

Boat & car models, lightweight & complex parts for aerospace, rotors & stators

Handheld medical devices, anatomical models, guide & surgical tools, bicycle parts & model

F 1612 Summa FlatBed Cutter

Businesses flourish with the help of eye-catching and innovative promotional signage, displays, samples, and packaging applications. For advertising and packaging needs, this Flatbed Cutter (Summa F series) can speedily cut cartons, corrugated boxes, plastic, sintra boards, fabric, and wood.

Final Output/Prototype

Packaging designs, large custom design stencils, Paper box, carton box

Highway & road signs, Apparel patterns


Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Milling Machine

This high-precision machine that makes repeated and accurate movements is the quick and easy way to swift prototyping. By successively cutting a material from a solid block that may be made from plastic, resin, wood, and non-ferrous metal (soft metal), it can create complex materials with flexibility and accuracy.

Final Output/Prototype

Medical & dental prosthetics, molds for casting, aircraft turbine engines, commercial & newspaper printing

Gifts & decors, jewelry & fashion accessories, housewares, furnishings, toys & gameboards

CreateBOT 3D Printer for Non-Movable Parts Object

Perfect for lifestyle industry producers, this 3D Printer is a reliable prototyping equipment for rapid product modelling that can craft two rigid filament materials and can fabricate product samples in a single print. It reduces waste of materials by shaping objects bit by bit instead of carving from larger blocks.

Final Output/Prototype

Jewelry, wood carvings, handicraft-related gifts, car model & parts, small medical aid & accessories

Small appliances – electric kettle & cooker, coffee pot, juicer, mobile phone parts 

6090 Laser Cutter

Planning to create precisely personalized packaging and product prototypes? This machine can hew and carve on wood, soft metals, glass, plastic, fabric, leather, paper, and natural & synthetic items. Manufacturing, electronics, packaging, and lifestyle industries can benefit from this Laser Cutter.

Final Output/Prototype

Packages for food & non-food products (biscuits, bottled fish, housewares), wooden key holder, wood cut puzzles, laptop stand

Business cards, wedding invitations, jewelry, customized stencils/ gifts/logos

CNC Router SignKey N3-1325

Ideal for manufacturing enterprises, a CNC Router can cut, mill, and engrave on steel, wood, aluminum, composites, plastic, and foam. This Router is also handy for producing 2-D & 3-D product & packaging prototypes. Its precision, programmability, and ability to reduce waste materials make work innovative and productive.

Final Output/Prototype

Gifts & decorations, housewares, furnishings

Fixtures, molds, shafts, fittings, brushings, fittings

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