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PTTC-GMEA is a Training Institution for Adult Education. It offers Training Programs for MSMEs according to their Level of Development – from Startup, Growing, Expanding, to Sustaining Enterprise Level. These are also classified by Track of Business Modeling, Human Capital Building, and Production Capacity Building.

This is embodied in the ASCEND program of the PTTC-GMEA. ASCEND, being Advancement of Skills and Competencies of Entrepreneurs towards the iNternationalization agenDa which aims to equip MSMEs in terms of human capital, company & product quality requirements, among others as they gain entry to the national and international market.

END is a support initiative to the RIPPLES Plus Program of the DTI – Trade Promotions Group particularly the Export Management Bureau. RIPPLES that stands for Regional Interactive Platform for the Philippine Exporters encapsulates strategies that aim to provide a business environment supportive of growth and innovation that would enable MSMEs to establish their niches in regional and global markets, and become significant players in the Global Value Chain  

This also attempts to connect tasks with other TPG agencies like BDTP, DCP and CITEM, as well as the DTI – Regional Operations Group. 

More Programs

Browse our FOOD Better Best program

Learn more about the FOOD Better Best program. Watch this video [below]:

With OVER 50 training courses, the FOOD Better Best program aims to bring processed food to the best level by assisting MSMEs in their food safety & quality management system and food safety certification requirements in the international market, giving them an edge and strengthening their global market presence.

Browse our Lifestyle Philippines Training Courses 

Learn more about the Lifestyle Philippines program! Watch this video [below]:

Lifestyle Philippines offers 20 training courses on wearables like fashion & accessories and home styles like furniture & furnishings, helping the MSMEs adapt to the evolving trends and innovations of the Lifestyle sector. Register and learn how you can balance cultural heritage preservation and economic gains while becoming globally competitive at the same time!

Browse our Service Plus+ Philippines Training Courses 

Learn more about the Service Plus+ program! Watch this video [below]:

PTTC-GMEA offers 30 Services Plus+ training courses on digital productivity tools, database management, inventory management, data mining, and e-marketing tools, addressing the increasing importance and share of the Service sector in the global trade.

Browse our ProCEED MSMEs Training Courses

Learn more about the ProCEED MSMEs program! Watch this video [below]:

Training courses on Promotions, Certifications, Entrepreneurship, Export-Import, and Digitalization of the three priority sectors are offered under ProCEED MSMEs program, engaging aspiring entrepreneurs in honing their creative and technical competencies in establishing their businesses.

Direct Lines : (02) 832-2397 / (02) 833-9325

Processed Foods Section: local 303/ 307
Lifestyle Section: local 306/318
Services Section: local 315/302
Foundation Courses Section: local 310/305

Direct Line: (+632) 834-1350


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